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Limited Companies & LLPs

Berrys aim to provide their corporate clients with a high level of service tailored to the needs of the individual entity.

In addition to providing accounting and taxation services to the business we offer our corporate clients the following additional services:

Profit Extraction planning

We aim to ensure that we understand your particular circumstances before recommending a method of extracting profits in a tax efficient and legal manner.

We can deal with all of the requirements of directors pay and benefits as well as shareholder dividends.

We will keep this method under constant review and recommend changes should your personal or business circumstances alter or if legislative changes come into effect.

Company Secretarial Services

We understand the legal importance of following the necessary formalities required by the Companies Act and can provide a full or partial service including:

  • Completion and filing of annual returns;
  • Filing of annual accounts;
  • Completion and filing of other Companies House forms;
  • Preparation of minutes;
  • Attendance at meetings;
  • Maintenance of statutory records and registers;
  • Preparation of minutes and dividend vouchers.

Registered Office

Berrys can act as the company's registered office and can record the receipt of all post received before sending this on to you.


We can deal with the formation of a new company or LLP based on your stated requirements.

If pre-emption rights are required we can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Winding Up

If the informal winding up procedure is appropriate we can help you through this process.

We can ensure that pre winding up tax planning is carried out so as to ensure tax efficiency.

If insolvency is applicable, we can work with your chosen Insolvency Practitioner.

Other Services

For details of our other services that may be required by your company or LLP please click on the link below:

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